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Driving Directions, Currency Conversion, Weatherand Passport Info Include other travel links that are helpful to your clients such as weather around the world.

MapQuest : Instant access to maps and directions.
Google Maps : Instant access to maps and directions.
Currency Converter : Use this easy online converter to convert from any type of currency.
Weather Around the World : Find out what the current weather is for your destination.
Language Tutor : Learn to speak Spanish, French, German, and Italian online! It's fun and easy!
US Customs - Travel Information : The latest information on foreign travel guidelines and restrictions.

Travel Tips:

List useful tips for visitors to review. See below for some examples.

What is the rule of thumb for tipping?
Aboard most ships, plan on tipping $8-$9 per person, per day, for maid service, wait staff and other services. This is personally handed to staff the last evening of the cruise (you'll find envelopes placed in your cabin that day). Just consider it part of the cost of the cruise and, unless the service was terrible, graciously give it to them. Tipping is really their pay, and most cruise service staff members make between $65 and $80 per month in salary from the cruise line!

What to Wear
What type of attire will I need to pack
No matter what cruise you take or region of the world you visit, daytime attire is practically a uniform: sneakers, shorts/pants, T-shirt and hat. Generally, it really doesn't get any fancier than that. Since most cruise ships have passenger-operated washing machines, you don't have to take a change of clothing for each day of the voyage. Women might take one long pair of black evening pants or a skirt for dinner in port one night. On evenings when suggested attire is "informal" or "casual," a blazer for men and cotton skirts or pants suits for women are appropriate.

Cruise Insurance
Is cruise insurance necessary?
Imagine this scenario: you've booked six months in advance, paid in full and catastrophe occurs. There's a death in the family, loss of job or your wedding plans fall through; or perhaps a hurricane strikes the region you're scheduled to visit, and the ports substituted are just not to your liking? If you're absolutely positive that nothing could change your plans and you'll never get sick or have an accident, then don't bother with insurance. Everyone else, however, should strongly consider it.

Tropical Vacation Packing List

The Basics
Short sleeve shirts
Dress shirt/Blouse
Long sleeve shirt
Light sweater or pullover
Rain jacket
Wide brimmed hat

Waterproof Sunscreen
Razor and shaving cream
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Brush and/or comb
Travel size shampoo and conditioner
Gel or mousse
Lotion/sunburn cream

Camera and film
Travel wallet or pack
Travel alarm
Scuba/Snorkel gear

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